89 Brighton Avenue, Allston, MA

Allston Village is a thriving neighborhood with vibrant nightlife, culturally rich businesses, fantastic dining opportunities, convenient walkability, and accessibility to public transportation. Located in the heart of the village at 89 Brighton Avenue, BLDG 89 is a mixed use project that will offer new, moderately priced, transit oriented housing with the access to neighborhood amenities that urban households desire.

The Project will enhance the pedestrian environment by widening the sidewalks along Brighton Avenue and Linden Street and by populating the ground floor with 7,480 SF of neighborhood oriented retail uses that will enhance this important street corner, signaling to long-time residents, visitors, and other business owners that it is an integral and valued block in the neighborhood.

With a stepped building design that respects the scale of existing residential buildings, the building offers 130 apartments – ranging from studios to two bedrooms. BLDG 89 is designed for the growing demographic of smaller households with low car ownership, who want to live in a vibrant, dynamic, and transit accessible neighborhood. Building amenities reflect this, with enclosed bike storage for over 140 bikes, a bicycle repair station, alternative transit incentives, and a Transit Screen – a real-time display of transportation options available to residents in the lobby.

201 S Huntington Avenue, Jamaica Plain, MA

Overlooking Olmsted Park and within walking distance to nearby Centre Street in the heart of Jamaica Plain, The Goddard House Redevelopment offers all the conveniences of modern urban living, while maintaining the historic character of the community.

The redevelopment of the 1920’s era building includes a renovation and two new additions that will provide critical structural support to help preserve the building. A new building on the south side of the property adds more housing opportunities over an existing surface parking lot and frames a substantial view corridor to nearby Olmsted Park.

With approximately 110 apartments in the renovated Goddard House building and approximately 57 apartments in the newly constructed building, Goddard House will offer the beauty of a historic resource and the convenience of a modern building in highly desirable Jamaica Plain.